Data and the performance of data management systems is an integral key in the success of a modern business.

That’s why the experienced team at Global Access Technologies is dedicated to providing reliable database support.


As an Oracle Silver Partner, we are trained and certified to assist you with consulting and support services including, but not limited to:

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring & Emergency Response
  • Oracle E-Business Support
  • Daily Oracle Maintenance
  • Oracle Database Tuning
  • OS Monitoring and Administration
  • TAR Management
  • Oracle Patching
  • Oracle Cloning
  • Oracle Upgrades
  • Oracle Mentoring and Training
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing
  • SQL Tuning & PL/SQL Tuning
  • Application Server Support
  • Recovery Manager Support
  • Oracle Migrations & Upgrades
  • Real Application Clusters (RAC) Support

Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll develop a support plan that meets those needs.