Improving Application Performance

Harper, Sue. “Improving Application Performance” Oracle Magazine. Sept/Oct.2009:n.pag. Retrived 02/16/2013 from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/issue-archive/2009/09-mar/o29sql-082329.html Improving_Application_Performance TECHNOLOGY: SQL Developer Improving Application Performance By Sue Harper Manage and tune Oracle Application Express applications with Oracle SQL Developer. Oracle SQL Developer provides capabilities for browsing and working with Oracle Application Express applications. This column shows how developers and DBAs can [...]

A Template With Behavior

Nimphius, Frank. “A Template With Behavior” Oracle Magazine. March/April 2012: n.pag, Retrieved 8/30/12 from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/issue-archive/2012/12-mar/o22adf-1518265.html A_Template_With_Behavior TECHNOLOGY: Oracle ADF A Template With Behavior By Frank Nimphius Use the Oracle ADF Dynamic Tabs UI Shell template to build rich internet applications. Partial page submit and instant page refresh via Ajax-enabled UI components don’t, alone, guarantee a [...]