Performing Through Changes

Nanda, Arup “Perform Through Changes” Oracle Magazine Mar/Apr 2008:n.pag, Retrieved 02/26/2013 from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/issue-archive/2008/08-mar/o28sqlperf-101752.html Performing Through Changes TECHNOLOGY: Testing Performing Through Changes By Arup Nanda Measure the impact of changes on SQL workload with SQL performance analyzer. Here is a not-so-uncommon scenario: a query is running slowly. Upon investigation, you determine the reason to be a [...]

Baselines And Better Plans

Nanda, Arup.” Baselines And Better Plans” Oracle Magazine.Mar/Apr 2009:n-pag. Retrieved 02/24/2014 from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/issue-archive/2009/09-mar/o29spm-092092.html Baselines_And_Better_Plans TECHNOLOGY: SQL Baselines and Better Plans By Arup Nanda Use SQL plan management in Oracle Database 11g to optimize execution plans. Have you ever been in a situation in which some database queries that used to behave well suddenly started performing [...]

Using Database Advisors

Jagannath, Sushma. “Using Database Advisors” Oracle Magazine. Jul/Aug.2008:npag, Retrieved 02/16/20013 from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/issue-archive/2008/08-jul/o48ocp-088172.html Using_Database_Advisors TECHNOLOGY: OCP Using Database Advisors By Sushma Jagannath Get advice on key management challenges and improve performance in Oracle Database 11g. Advisors are powerful tools that provide specific advice on how to address key database management challenges, covering a wide range of [...]

Tuning When You Can’t Touch The Code

This presentation is from Michael R. Ault, Senior Seminar Leader, DBAGroup LLC DBA World Tour 2001. Tuning When You Cant Touch the Code Overview  In many Oracle shops today third-party applications are the norm. The major problem for DBAs with these third-party applications is that you are not allowed to alter the source code of the SQL [...]