Optimizing Performance by Identifying Problem SQL

Robin Schumacher. “Optimizing Performance by Identifying Problem SQL” SELECT Journal  (3rd Qtr. 2004): 31-37. Optimizing Performance by Identifying Problem SQL OVERVIEW As a DBA, you need to have the right game plan in place for finding and fixing problem SQL code in your database. Fortunately, Oracle is better than most DBMSs at providing information in [...]

Oracle Performance Tuning: A Systematic Approach

Harrison, Guy (2007).  Oracle Performance Tuning:  A Systematic Approach.  Retrieved 8/27/12, from http://guyharrison.typepad.com: http://guyharrison.typepad.com/SystematicOracletuning.pdf Oracle Performance Tuning a Systematic Approach OVERVIEW A mission critical application system is experiencing unsatisfactory performance. As an experienced Oracle performance specialist, you are called in to diagnose the problem. You’re well versed in modern wait-based performance profiling oriented performance diagnostics [...]

Tuning When You Can’t Touch The Code

This presentation is from Michael R. Ault, Senior Seminar Leader, DBAGroup LLC DBA World Tour 2001. Tuning When You Cant Touch the Code Overview  In many Oracle shops today third-party applications are the norm. The major problem for DBAs with these third-party applications is that you are not allowed to alter the source code of the SQL [...]